Graduate Program

Graduate program and clinical support

Are you looking for a role that offers lifestyle flexibility without compromising the quality of your clinical support and a structured career pathway?

GRP’s new graduate program is designed specifically for clinicians who boast an enthusiastic approach to therapy, are passionate about making a difference and are eager to learn through experience.

GRP Speech Pathology’s success is a representation of our people and the evidence-based service we provide. We specifically select and invest in developing individuals who are intelligent, empathetic, think laterally and are passionate about making a true impact. As a member of our GRP team, you’ll be regularly informed of the most up to date research, resources and assistive technology.

GRP Speech Pathology is committed to supporting the development of your career through our tailored mentorship program. We encourage an open-door policy with our leadership team and mentors.

The GRP team do a fantastic job in ensuring that our clients receive the best care. We make sure that care is reciprocated to everyone in the team.

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GRP SP is different because we offer:

  • 2 year structured supervision schedule.
  • Ongoing and regular training and support with an allocated mentor.
  • FREE monthly professional development seminars.
  • Access to peer mentoring groups.
  • Anytime access to your direct supervisor and clinical team.
  • Access to a complete online resource drive so you don’t need to build your own.
  • Excellent renumeration.
  • Complete online systems so you can complete your work anywhere.
  • A NO after-hours work rule.
  • Flexibility to select your hours and location.
  • Part time and full-time hours to suit your personal schedule.
  • Leadership that prioritises family, encourages life outside work, wellness and travel beyond the typical accrued 4 weeks of leave a year.
  • Delayed start date if you want to travel or take a break after graduation.

GRP Speech Pathology offers a limited number of new graduate roles each year, so don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for a rewarding and fun career that is backed by quality support and a vibrant team, we’d love to hear from you!

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