Meet the team

We are a professional team of deeply enthusiastic, personable and evidence-based speech pathologists. The GRP promise is to exceed boundaries, expose communication potential and to enhance one’s capacity to lead a functional life.
Speech Pathologist and Director

Gabriella Ptasznik

Gabriella is the founding director of GRP Speech Pathology and a certified practising speech pathologist. Gabriella is a passionate clinician committed to assisting people on their journey of restoring their ability to communicate, capacity to eat and swallow safely and ultimately to enhance their quality of life through the highest quality and most evidence-based approaches.

Gabriella comes with a wealth of experience both locally in Australia and at internationally acclaimed teaching hospitals throughout the UK. This includes working as a speech pathologist at Monash, Austin and St Vincent’s health’s neurological department as well as time spent working in the UK at the Royal Free and Wellington hospitals and St Bart’s Health.

Gabriella established the Melbourne based mobile speech pathology practice in 2017 in order to provide a functional approach to therapy which facilitates the implementation of intervention within the comfort of client’s own homes. Gabriella believes in therapy that makes a tangible difference to each client’s communication function and overall quality of life.

Operations Manager


Vanessa is the Operations Manager at GRP and wearer of many different hats all designed to support GRP and its people to continually strive for excellence.

Vanessa is a tertiary trained Coach, Mum of two gorgeous boys, and brings more than a decade of Leadership and Management experience across both private and public sectors, including NDIS healthcare.

Vanessa is beyond thrilled to be a part of the GRP team and through shared efforts, continues to innovate and create exceptional client experiences that reshape Australia’s disability sector.



Lauren is an experienced administrator and coordinates the GRP team to ensure an excellent client experience. Outside of the GRP team, Lauren is a mother to a gorgeous toddler and is passionate about enhancing her client’s quality of life through her personal training work. Lauren enjoys being active and helping others look after their health. Lauren looks forward to being in contact with you to commence your journey with GRP Speech Pathology.



Sara is a smooth operator and assists in coordinating the GRP team to ensure the highest quality client and clinician experience. Having relocated to Melbourne from New York City, Sara brings with her many years of excellent administrative experience. In her spare time, Sara enjoys travelling, cooking, going to Barre classes, and spending time with her family at the beach!


Quincy is an Administrative Assistant who is so excited to be working with GRP Speech Pathology. Quincy recently relocated to Sydney from London, where she was getting her Masters degree in piano performance.  In addition to her administrative work with GRP Speech Pathology, Quincy teaches piano and accompanies students of all levels and ages. In her spare time, Quincy loves to cook, travel, spend time with her family and has recently started a small beading company with her sister and best friend called ‘Sister Jaq’.



Darci is a GRP Administrator and is an experienced support worker, passionate about working with clientele from a variety of clinical backgrounds within the NDIS and TAC populations. Outside of work, Darci enjoys camping, spending time with her dog and horse, reading and being around her friends and family.

Senior Speech Pathologist 


Emma is a senior speech pathologist and clinical educator at La Trobe University with over 10 years of clinical knowledge working in health and education. After qualifying as a speech pathologist in England and completing extensive work with adults in a variety of hospital and community settings, Emma moved to Australia to work for Austin and Monash Health followed by attaining a role as voice clinic coordinator at La Trobe university. Emma has extensive experience working with adults and children and is enthusiastic to help you and/or your loved one in achieving every therapy goal. In her free time, Emma enjoys playing and coaching field hockey for Yarra Valley Hockey Club, travelling and volunteering her time supporting animal rescues around Victoria.

Speech Pathologist


Skye is a Senior Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with over 15 years experience in the profession. Skye has worked in all areas of Speech Pathology across the continuum of care and specialises in the assessment and management of complex swallowing disorders in adults, aged care and individuals with a disability.

Skye has worked in numerous public, private and community settings across Melbourne including Knox Private Hospital, Monash Health, Cabrini and Eastern Health. She also has extensive experience in student and peer clinical supervision, teaching and training.

Her passion is to always provide empathy and advocacy for her patients and to enhance their quality of life with a holistic approach to their care.

Outside the professional setting, Skye is busy creating custom made sugar cookies and spending quality time with her 4 children.

Speech Pathologist


Chantal initially developed an interest in speech pathology to expand her knowledge as a professional vocalist and singing teacher. She conducted a choir for Stroke survivors and saw the positive impact that music and speech pathology practices can have on communication, mental health and physiology. Chantal is a very passionate speech pathologist and worked for many years for Monash Health and Austin Health with a special interest working with adults with neurological communication, cognition and swallowing needs. She believes in the importance of advocating for her clients and helping them to achieve their functional and social therapeutic goals. Chantal continues to perform music around the globe and can often be found at a live music gig or cooking an elaborate dinner at home with friends.

Speech Pathologist


Georgia is an experienced speech pathologist who is committed to supporting people of all ages to achieve their unique goals. Georgia has developed a wealth of knowledge through her experience working as a speech pathologist in community and hospital settings across Australia and the UK. Georgia has a keen focus on the aged population and is currently completing her Masters of Dementia: International Experience, Policy and Practice at Edinburgh University. 

Georgia aims to make genuine connections with her clients. She believes that therapy is most effective when delivered in a real and practical way in the context of the person’s life. Georgia aims to improves her client’s overall quality of life by striving to deliver interventions that provide positive and meaningful changes.

Georgia loves spending her free time baking and travelling with her husband and daughter.

Speech Pathologist


Danni has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from Australian Catholic University. Danni enjoys working with clients of all ages and is particularly passionate about empowering clients to be the best versions of themselves as well as enhancing meaningful communication and connection with those around them. Outside of work, Danni enjoys going for hikes, exploring nature with her drone, and soaking up the sunshine with her friends and family. 


Bridie has a Masters of Speech Pathology from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Languages from Monash University. Bridie has worked in a range of clinical settings and health networks in both rural Queensland and metropolitan Melbourne, with clients across the life span in the community, acute, aged care & rehabilitation settings. Bridie enjoys keeping up to date with research to ensure that her patients receive the most evidence-based therapy. Prior to Speech Pathology, Bridie was a French translator and still loves attending conversation groups and watching French films in her spare time.

Speech Pathologist


Lauryn has a Doctoral thesis and Masters of Speech Pathology. Lauryn has an avid-passion for research and delivery of evidence-based practice for her clients. Lauryn is interested in working with people to achieve their personal goals, maintaining quality of life and their autonomy. Lauryn has a wide range of skills and experience in a variety of clinical areas across the lifespan. In her spare time, Lauryn enjoys hiking, reading, walking her Dalmatian and supporting the arts.

Speech Pathologist


Kiara has over 10 years experience in speech pathology and holds a Certified Practicing Speech
Pathologist title with Speech Pathology Australia. Kiara has worked in a variety of settings in both
Australia and England and is passionate about supporting people with disabilities both within the
community and their homes. Her particular areas of interest involve working with people who have
developmental disabilities and in neurological rehabilitation in order to expose their communication potential and improve their overall quality of life. Kiara is passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives across the lifespan from childhood through to the elderly. In her free time you can find Kiara catching up with friends in the sun or travelling abroad. Kiara looks forward to support you in your speech pathology journey.

Speech Pathology


Olivia completed a Masters of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. Olivia particularly enjoys working with a focus on functional and meaningful communication and enhancing connections between people. Prior to working as a Speech Pathologist, Olivia worked in kindergarten and primary schools as an Integration Aide, supporting children with additional needs as well as working with adults with communication impairments. Olivia is passionate about working with all ages and understanding the strengths and challenges of vulnerable populations. She strives to ensure her clients’ cultural background and individual circumstances are considered and integrated into her practice. Olivia is passionate about unlocking the communication potential through Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), and Social Communication skills. Outside of work hours, Olivia enjoys swimming, meditating and drinking coffee in the sunshine.

Speech Pathologist


Brigitte is an empathetic and person centered Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. Brigitte holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University. Brigitte is passionate about assisting participants and their families achieve their speech, language, pragmatic and swallowing goals in a way that is functional for them. Brigitte has a special interest in working with adults who present with communication and swallow difficulties secondary to stoke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological diagnoses. Brigitte is also experienced in working with children and adolescents in the areas of social communication, fluency and speech sound disorders. Outside of work Brigitte can be found enjoying some down time with her family and pet pug.

Speech Pathologist


Catherine has dedicated her career as a Speech Pathologist to helping people regain function in communication and swallowing. She feels passionately that a person’s ability to communicate and eat and drink are fundamental to their quality of life. She really enjoys getting to know each client, their family and what they value in life. When she isn’t working she likes watching her kids play sport, playing sport herself, reading and holidays with her family in their caravan.

Speech Pathologist


Anita has completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Australian Catholic University and has an avid passion for working in the disability sector. Anita strives to support participants across the life span to reach their full potential by focusing on holistic and functional, client driven goals both in sessions and beyond. Anita’s clinical experience has given her a strong understanding and appreciation of the journey many participants and their families have experienced. Anita is a strong advocate for accessibility and diversity, particularly in the areas of access to communication and swallowing awareness. In her spare time, Anita enjoys spending time with friends and family and has a passion for travel.

Allied Health Assistant


Thao is an Allied Health Assistant here at GRP Speech Pathology. Thao is a final year student, currently completing her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. 

Thao is passionate about providing person-centred care when supporting individuals of all ages to achieve their communication & swallowing goals. Thao is motivated to find creative ways to support individuals to reach their highest potential and greatly enhance their quality of life. 

Outside of work, Thao loves to cook, hike and take photos in the outdoors.

Speech Pathologist


Tarryn completed a Masters of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University and is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist. Tarryn has extensive experience working in Regional and Metropolitan hospitals throughout Victoria where she specialised in adult swallowing, communication and cognition. Tarryn is passionate about collaborating and tailoring individualised therapy to increase functional participation and quality of life. Outside of work Tarryn enjoys Pilates, bush walking and eating chocolate.

Speech Pathologist

Wei Lin

Wei Lin has a Masters of Speech Pathology and is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. Wei Lin is passionate about helping people improve their functional communication, build strong social connections, and live their lives to the most full potential. Wei Lin is dedicated to providing evidence-based services curated to the clients’ needs and wishes throughout their therapeutic journey. Outside of work, Wei Lin enjoys listening to music, jogging, reading, and eating dessert.

Speech Pathologist


Sarah graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Speech Pathology. Sarah has a passion for working with clients of all ages, with a focus on improving communication and swallowing impairments of a wide range of aetiologies. She is passionate about ensuring quality of life is maintained and truly understands the importance of working with clients and their families to meet their individual needs and goals. Before beginning her career as a Speech Pathologist, Sarah worked as a swimming instructor and nanny, with children of all ages and abilities. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys playing with her gorgeous puppy Gigi, getting outdoors and spending time with friends.

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